Minor landmark grants


Fondazione Cariplo allocates €500,000 per province for minor landmark grants. Deadlines, how to apply and program areas may vary from province to province.

Fondazione Cariplo and Community Foundations first launched joint calls for proposals to award minor landmark grants in 2009. This form of grantmaking continues also in 2013. Fondazione Cariplo again earmarked €500,000 per province to fund initiatives that are particularly relevant for the local community and are promoted by nonprofit organizations. Fondazione Cariplo leverages the insight of local foundations to identify and select  projects worthy of support.

Provincial landmark grants are given to projects that pursue goals that are consistent with those of Fondazione Cariplo’s Action Plans and for their size can promote strategic planning at the local level. Applications from nonprofit organizations are required to relate to interventions that are exemplary for the local community, feature a subsidiarity approach, have a significant philanthropic value and an adequate size to be highly impactful on quality of life, cultural, economic and social development of the local community.

To be eligible for a provincial landmark grant, projects and interventions need to be consistent with the  Fondazione Cariplo’s strategic philanthropic areas, primarily the macro-areas (program areas) Environment, Arts & Culture, Social and Human Services and Scientific Research.

Timelines, scope and manner of the interventions may vary from province to province, hence you are invited to DOWNLOAD THE TEXT OF INDIVIDUAL PROVINCIAL CALLS FOR PROPOSALS and get further information by visiting the websites of the various local foundations.