Happy anniversary, Fondazione Cariplo!

  • €12 million to fight child poverty
  • 2,000 people at the celebrations held from 10am through midnight at Base Milano and Cariplo Factory
  • 40 accredited journalists
  • 300 young students
  • 14 hours of non-stop celebrations
  • 5 types of workshops at Cariplo Factory
  • 11 representatives from major European Foundations and Institutions
  • 400 Christmas cakes (made at the Seregno Ballerini School) given as gifts
  • 400 glasses of Ballerini Moscato wine
  • 7 km covered by the 50 participants in  the urban hiking tour organized by  Sentieri Metropolitani
  • 4 Topolino kid reporters: Federico, Lavinia, Ludovica, Pietro
  • 3,000 Christmas ball ornaments given as gifts
  • 8th trending topic for the hashtag #cariplo25 on December 16, 2016
  • 4 Facebook live streams with over 4,000 viewers  
  • 60 kg of chestnuts given for free to people outside 

December 16, 2016 was a special day for Fondazione Cariplo: it was our 25th anniversary. We gathered a large crowd to celebrate with us: grantees and others involved in the projects we fund, journalists, ordinary people and numerous other guests.

The day started with a conference titled  “A commitment to serving the real needs of the Country” held in  the morning. Featured speakers included Maurizio Martina, Italy’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Romano Prodi, President of Fondazione per la Collaborazione fra i Popoli, Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor of Milan, Eraldo Affinati, writer and educator, Catia Bastioli, CEO of Novamont and Chair of the Board of Directors of Terna, Derrick de Kerckhove, sociologist and Scientific Director of Media Duemila, Stephane Jaquemet, Regional Representative for Southern Europe of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Massimo Lapucci, Chairman of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), Stefano Taravella, UNICEF Italy, and Sergio Urbani, Director General of  Fondazione Cariplo.

During the meeting, interviewed by Luciano Fontana, editor-in-chief of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, and Mario Calabresi, editor-in-chief of the Italian daily la Repubblica, President Guzzetti announced a new major Fondazione Cariplo’s plan, one to combat child poverty in Milan. €25 million earmarked to provide food and education to 21,000 children who are most in need. Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella and His Holiness Pope Francis were among those who sent their congratulations and well wishes. The afternoon celebrations were dedicated to the community of people who have stood at our side for this quarter century. They were represented by ‘guests of honor’ who entertained the audience. Emceeing the event was entertainer Sergio Sgrilli on stage from 2 pm through 10 pm, joined in succession by sportsmen Iván Córdoba, Leonardo (Nascimento de Araújo), Andrea Zorzi, Massimo Mauroscientist Alberto Mantovani, TV presenter Melissa Marchetto, musician Franco Mussida, writer Gianni Biondillo, actors Moni Ovadia, Paolo Rossi and Loris Fabiani, the father of Marco Simoncelli (SIC) Paolo Simoncelli, La Scala Prima Ballerina Nicoletta Manni and the Director of Milan Piccolo Theatre Drama School Carmelo Rifici.

In the evening, the music show by Zero Assoluto was followed by live music played by iBig Band!

We would like to express our special thanks to our partners BASE Milano, Radio Italia, Milan Piccolo Theatre, Meet the Media Guru, Microsoft, Fastweb, Terna, Novartis; our Media partners Corriere Sociale, Smemoranda.it, VITA and our technical partners Nouba, Chateau d’Ax. Thanks also to Palazzo RealeGallerie d'ItaliaSentieri Metropolitani, MUBA, the newsroom of Topolino and to all those who dedicated an activity, an event, a moment to our 25th anniversary.

And to all of you we’d like to say a big THANK YOU for making this day memorable!